Top 5 fiction genres that sell the most in 2022


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Genres that sell the most are often unpredictable. So, writers look forward to polls and publications from publishers to guide them on the best genre for readers. The most recent edition of Serious Writers’ popular book genres is out and some genres made it to the top 5.

The global reading culture may have been transformed by certain patterns of genre because they appeal more to readers. However, the degree to which readers are drawn to books varies depending on the genre.

Genres list as shared by Serious Writers

Below are the 5 genres that sell the most according to SeriousWriters:


Romance top the list of popular genre that sells the most. Aside from being popular among readers, the romance genre is the most popular of all. Websites like affirm the popularity of the romance genre. There are also subcategories in romance and they have different levels of popularity too.

Children’s genre

Serious Writers added the Children’s genre to the list of most popular genres that sell the most in 2022 because learning at the early stage of a person’s development is guided by tailored books under different children’s genres. It is a practice that has not changed.


Travel genres also sell well among readers because of the informative content that they offer adventurers. Generally, they are popular and have made it to the list in previous years and on other platforms.

Thriller: Suspense and Mystery

Genres driven by suspense like crime books made it to the list of top 5 genres that sell the most according to Serious Writers. Although most crime genres are works of fiction, they contain realism too because every now and then the news headlines are dominated by news of one crime or another.

Fantasy and science fiction

Science fiction equally made the list just as it has in previous editions. Readers are still fascinated by science and in a bid to catch a glimpse of the future, science fiction has been the way out for some booklovers hence writers are doing more of it.


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