Ben Carson: A Review of Gifted Hands.


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The book Gifted Hands often brings to mind the amazing story of how Dr. Ben Carson, an American surgeon performed the first successful surgical separation of conjoined twins in history. It was so much more than that. Gifted Hands was the personal ideology of Dr. Ben Carson from his youth to his professional life.

The Person of Ben Carson

Born in 1951 Dr. Ben Carson is a retired Neurosurgeon in America and a politician. The 71years old politician served in the Trump administration as a Minister. He also contested for the presidency under the Republican Party. During his thriving career in medicine, he successfully performed surgeries some of which are considered novel in medical history. even clams that he performed no fewer than 17,000 surgeries on children during his active days. If Carson was just a normal surgeon, he may not have attained a global status. However, a surgery that he performed for conjoined twins earned him a global reputation hence his fame.

Gifted Hands Review

The book Gifted Hands is based on a true story about the life of history’s greatest surgeon, Ben Carson. Carson chose to write his autobiography in form of prose and it is ideological and easy to read unlike what some people may expect from a Medical Doctor of Carson’s standing. Being his autobiography, he touched on his early life as a child raised by a poor single mother and his struggles in Medical school.

It was not all rosy for Ben Carson as he needed encouragement from his close friends to fall in love with surgery. His amazing feat made him to describe the human brain as a miracle. His story shows that his use of the words ‘miracle’ and ‘gifted’ were rooted in deep research and painstaking hard work. Most people that have read the book attest that it is a great source of inspiration.

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