The youngest Author in Nigeria was just 7 years old.


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Who is the youngest author in Nigeria?

Writing a book is an arduous task just like publishing one; it demands a lot of
professionalism and creativity. While research affirms that most authors are
middle-aged, some youngsters have broken the jinx by becoming authors at a
tender age.
Call her a gifted Albert Einstein and you will be wrong because Einstein was not
so brilliant in his early years. Children authors are ordinary kids that have
dedicated their attention and minds to producing literary works.
Hafeezat Ademurewa became Nigeria’s youngest author at age 7. Her success has
been an inspiration to many authors. When the news of her achievement first
broke, platforms such as; Muslim News, Code Grease and All Africa made
publications to celebrate her success.
In recent times, similar achievements have been made especially in Africa. The
closest of these achievements was made when another 7 years old girl from South
Africa became an author in 2016. Her name was Michelle Nkanmankeng.

Hafeezat Ademurewa Adegoke

Hafeezat is a pupil of Pacesetters Academy, located in the Federal Capital
Territory. She published a Children’s story book The Princess and the Witch when
she was in grade 3. At that age, she was the youngest Nigerian to ever write and
publish a book.
This broke the record that was previously set by Adaeze Atuegwu, a Nigerian girl
who in 1996, at the age of 17, published books that she wrote within eight
months. However, with the publishing of The Princess and the Witch, Hafeezat has
broken that record.
The Princess and the Witch, Hafeezat’s literature book for children was published
in 2019. She may not have been the youngest author in the world like the 5 years
old Bella-Jay who in 2016, broke the Guinness World Record as the world’s
youngest author but she has inspired many people in Nigeria.

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