What is The Highest Literary Award for an Author?


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Since the early 19th century, authors have been awarded different prizes for their works. The idea of awarding authors for their works has grown so broad that both national and international awards have been instituted to award authors. When one author receives an award, it does not mean that others do not have an equal competitive style of writing in their published works.

Background to The Nobel Prize in Literature

Some authors have been described as the greatest of all time while others have been idolized. However, the highest award that authors can receive is a Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize is not for authors alone. Many fields of human endeavor now have a Nobel Prize award. Between 1901 and 2022, no fewer than 119 people received the Nobel Prize for literature. Each year the prize is received based on certain criteria set by the organizers.

The Nobel Prize in Literature

There are rules that govern the Nobel Prize which makes it a cannon of some sort. The award restricts awardees to not more than two scholars and at most three persons can receive the award yearly. These rules have drawn some criticisms from scholars that consider them obsolete. Since researchers now work with greater collaboration than in the isolated state that it was in the 19th century. Notably, there are no Noble Prizes for Mathematics and this has attracted more criticism too. The rules also apply to Nobel Prizes in literature.

Most Recent Nobel Prize in Literature Winner

French author Annie Ernaux was named the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in literature for her works which explores the limits of human memory. No less than 20 novels have been written by the author who self-styled them as impersonal biographies.

In France, she was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize award. Her win had been described as ‘remarkable’ as she is considered a towering figure in feminism.  This has brought the total number of French Nobel Prize winners to number 16, one of the highest in the world.

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