5 Popular Books that have been censored by the Government


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Books under censorship have been a heated topic for many decades. This is because authors have often come into conflict with the government for their literary works. Although most book censorship to be discussed here are books by African authors. Censorship has been a historical problem since the development of the art of writing.

Below are reasons why some books have been censored by governments and various groups:

Cultural Reasons

Authors often come from a cultural background, and agents of these cultures may consider their literary works to be against a certain practice that others still observe. Authors are capable of envisioning a better future hence, can spot a bad cultural practices long before they are abolished.

Political Reasons

When books threaten to influence public opinion about the government or political system, those at the helm of affairs may decide to ban such books for the sole purpose of trying to prevent a destabilization of their systems.


Some books are considered immoral or a violation of established social norms. They bother on religiously sensitive topics and highly contentious ethical issues. Moral issues rank high among the reasons why books can get banned by the government in Africa particularly.

Here are some Books by some African Authors that have been banned:

  1. The Blinkard

The Blinkard was written by Author Kobina Sekyi. The book was banned because of its stiff resistance to colonialism at the time of its publication. Kobina Sekyi was a known nationalist.

  • The Man Died

Nigerian Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka is the author of “The man died.” Face to Face Africa, reported that the book was considered libelous by the military government of Muhammadu Buhari in the 1980s.

  • The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born

Author Ayi Kwei Armah wrote the book “The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.” The book which is regarded as a proverb for most contemporary readers was once banned at the time of its publication.

  • I Will Marry When I Want

Perhaps one of the reasons why Ngugi Wa Thiongo is considered controversial is because of his novel “I Will Marry When I Want”. It was banned.

  • Matsayin Lover

The book by KHamisu Bature was unconventional in the history of northern literature. After its publication, the Kano Association of Nigerian Writers banned the book for immoral contents, in 1998.


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