Peter Frankopan as a Global Finance Author


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Author Peter Frankopan addresses the big financial question from a broad historical perspective in his book The Silk Roads. The start of a new year is often a difficult period because, people must have spent funds on so many luxuries, expending all their savings. This has made many people take financial discipline seriously, and more readers are turning to books about financial matters to find inspiration.

Some writers are experts in producing financially related novels and books that contain great insights on how to survive difficult financial periods. The fear of a recurring global economic recession and the threat of conflict has made their works to be in high demand among readers.

Peter Frankopan

There are as many finance authors as there are historical periods. But in the 21st century, celebrated finance authors could relate big financial opinions to the everyday life of the readers. Peter Frankopan is a British historian and writer popularly known for his book titled The Silk Roads.

Born in 1971, Peter is a known academic figure in the United Kingdom. He attended the University of Oxford where he is now the History Professor at Oxford University. Aside from his writing and professorship, he is also a hotelier. Peter is married to Jessica Sainsbury, and their union is blessed with children.

Review of The Silk Roads

Although silk has a lot to do with fabrics, it means something else in the book which was published in 2015. The significance of his choice of silk in his book title rests on the historical fact that at some point in history, silk was accepted somewhat as a currency of international value for the purpose of commerce. He has published other works which include: The New York Silk Roads, The New Asia, and Remaking of World Order. They were all centered on having an economy that works through a reliable financial system.

But Peter does not discuss this in general. Rather, he focuses on some special countries within a region that have direct impacts on the world economy. It was more than just a book about money, it sought to change the way that history is perceived. Also, it is not a work of fiction. The 25-chapter book throws light on some obscure parts of history in relation to the global economy, and it makes readers want to ask questions.


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