5 Books you Never Knew Were Authored by Kola Onadipe


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With over 20 books to his credit, Nathaniel Kola Onadipe carved a niche for himself as a renowned children’s book author. Many years after his death, his books are still being read and those books seem to have become more popular than his name.

Life and Achievements of Kola Onadipe

He had his early education in Ogun State and acquired a Law degree from the University of London in the United Kingdom. He was the principal of Olu-Iwa College in Ijebu-Ode and became known for his disciplinarian tendencies. Olu-Iwa College was founded by Chief Timothy Adeolu Odutola who had remarkable respect for Onadipe’s style of managing the school. Wikipedia reported that Onadipe made the school so popular that many parents eagerly enrolled their wards there so that they can be guided by his strict moral codes. The Ogun state-born lawyer and educationist was married and had 15 children.

Many years after his death in 1988, his books remained acceptable and even adopted the curriculum of many primary schools in Nigeria. In his lifetime, Kola Onadipe authored no fewer than 20 books, many of which are popular to date.

Recognition and Awards

The famous author did not receive a global award like many authors in Nigeria. However, his books have been used in primary schools across Nigeria for many years.

His literary works are highly recognized and accorded a special placement on many websites and online bookshops both in Nigeria and Africa. Some of the online publishers include; Open Library, Sunshine booksellers, etc.

His Published Literary Works

Onadipe wrote mainly Children’s books numbering over 20, likely owing to his career in the educational sector. We have carefully listed five popular books that he authored and their date of publication.

Sugar Girl: A novel published by East African Publishers in 1964.

Koku Baboni: The novel was published by the University Press in 1965.

The Magic Land of the Shadows: The novel was equally published by African University Press in 1972.

The Return of Shettima: This novel was equally published in 1972 by the University Press.

Footprints on the Niger: Natona Press published the novel in 1980, eight years before the author’s demise.

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