5 African celebrities you did not know are authors


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African celebrities like their counterparts in the western world have over the years been keeping in touch with their fans through diverse ways. While most of them are doing that on social media, some choose to write and publish books.

Publishing a book is one way to reach a wide audience who can repeatedly access the resource or information.  In cases where books are meant to serve certain purposes, it allows a repeated impact. This means that it can remain effective even after many years.

Here are some African celebrities that have published books and the title of their works.

Maye Musk

A South African Super Model and mother of billionaire Elon Musk is the author of the famous book, A woman has a plan. She authored the book in her 60s and she still manages to keep a thriving modeling career despite her advancing age. Many people consider her one of Elon Musk’s biggest inspirations.

Osita Iheme

Inspired 101 made the headlines in 2014 after news of its planned release went out. The book was authored by the popular Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme. The star actor is commonly known as “Pawpaw” owing to his comic roles in the “Aki and Pawpaw” movie.

Chika Ike

Nollywood actress, Chika Ike released her book Boss Up in 2018. The veteran actress published the book to help people who look up to her for inspiration and motivation to find help.

Ice Prince

The music industry has not been left out as the famous Ice Prince has equally released a book. The Nigerian Dream is the title of the book and it was published in 2019 by an Independent Publisher.

Teju Babyface

Secrets of the Street was published as an e-book by the popular comedian, Teju Babyface in 2016. The book shares some insight into his rise to stardom and the lessons he has learned from his grass-to-grace story.


While many of these celebrities are well-known in the industry and have become veterans, some young actors, entertainers, and sportsters have become aspiring authors too — owing to the inspiration from much older celebrities.

In this light, Adekunle Olopade a Season (7) Big Brother Nigeria housemate published a book entitled This is not an Ex-cuse.


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