Geetanjali Shree: Winner of the Booker Prize 2022


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2022 was Geetanjali Shree’s year. Every year, authors are rewarded for their creative works, by the International Community and organizations interested in appreciating literary works. The Booker Prize is one of such awards that have inspired authors for many decades. It has spurred them to convey their ideas in the most excellent and creative way.

The success of one author is progress for all others. This is because the criteria upon which qualified authors are selected are universal. As such, the winner of the prize just found her way to the extraordinary annals of history.

Geetanjali Shree was the winner of the 2022 edition of her novel entitled Tomb of Sand. Her book touched on the dangers of boundaries in society. In the novel, she communicates tragedy using comic scenarios. She creatively uses words that show her mastery of words as a creative writer.

Who is Geetanjali Shree?

The author is a 65-year-old woman and the winner of the Booker Prize for 2022. She is also known as Pandey and has authored several short stories. She is based in New Delhi, India.

History of the Booker Prize

The Booker Prize dates back to 1969 in the United Kingdom. It began from a company called Booker McConnell that instituted the award to promote the reading and writing of fiction.

Generally, Shree focuses on short story writing and novels. She does not write stories in a particular format like some authors do. Rather, she communicates different messages using different types of accounts. Although she is a master of Short stories, she has some novels to her name too.

She is the first author of Indian origin to win the International Booker Prize according to Cable Network News (CNN). This achievement has been celebrated worldwide because her readers span different cultures and countries.

The key to Shree’s excellent writing is that writing must be expressive and must not have an inordinate motivation. Just write as Geetanjali will say. “I write to express as best as I can, as creatively as I can.”(The Hans India).

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